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Three Artists featured for Season's First Presentation

October 23, 2023 7:00 PM

Scottsdale Ranch Clubhouse

10585 N. 100th Street

Scottsdale, AZ

Welcome back for our 2023-24 season, and a very happy and healthy new year to our Jewish members. Our great leadoff event will be on Monday evening, Oct. 23, at 7 PM when three of our very own Arizona Glass Alliance artist members, Mark Leputa, Laurie Nessel and Sandy Pendleton will each make a short presentation about themselves and their work. All three of these artists are very accomplished, and their work is shown in galleries both here in Arizona as well as elsewhere. It will be a real treat for us all to get to know them and their work a bit better.

Full details as well as images of work by all three artists is contained in the attached announcement. Start off the season right with these wonderful presentations, and say hello to all your Arizona Glass Alliance friends.


Mark Leputa, who is originally from Pittsburgh, found his passion for glass during a residency in New Zealand, later working in Alabama where he was twice awarded an Alabama State Fellowship Grant. Mark’s work has been exhibited at SOFA as well as the Duncan McClellan Gallery in St. Petersburg and internationally in Europe including two solo shows in Holland. Since 2021 Mark has lived in Tucson where he maintains his on private studio as well as participating on the faculty of the Sonoran Glass School.


Laurie Nessel was the lead instructor at the glass studio of the Mesa Arts Center for 20 years and currently works in her Tempe studio where she makes glass beads that convey the struggles of the Anthropocene (the geological period in which humans have impacted the world), highlighting endangered species and human rights. Laurie reflects on art as either a pleasant diversion or a brutal reality check, and chooses reality to find endless subject matter. Laurie’s work can be found at our member gallery, Melting Point, in Sedona, and will also be featured in the fourth edition of Contemporary Lampworking by our member artist Bandhu Dunham.


Sandy Pendleton, one of our most loyal and hard working members, is an accomplished glass artist whose work will be shown this season in the “white tents” Fine Art Expo on Scottsdale Road and Jomax in North Scottsdale. The aesthetic of Sandy’s work is really captured in this quote from her “One day I was sitting on my deck looking out at the forest early in the morning. It was very quiet and still, and yet I realized every plant and tree was moving and growing even if I couldn’t see it. I felt this tremendous energy in this very still morning. The movement and energy captured in the glass speaks to me of the energy of that quiet morning.”

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