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Demetra Theofanous & Dean Bensen Presentation

Monday, February 28, 2022 7:00 PM Zoom Presentation

On Monday evening, February 28, Arizona Glass Alliance will have the distinct privilege and pleasure of hosting a presentation by Demetra Theofanous and her husband/collaborator Dean Bensen. Neither Demetra nor Dean began their professional life as a glass artist. Demetra’s early career was in the business world, while Dean initially intended to pursue a career in forestry. However, both of them soon discovered their love of glass, and subsequently their love for each other.

Both Demetra and Dean’s work emphasizes nature and the natural world, full of nests and leaves, eggs, flowers and trees, and is both technically and creatively wonderful. Both artists have been recognized for their talent with exhibitions of their work individually and collaboratively at museums and other venues across the United States and around the world, and both have held teaching positions at prestigious schools and institutes such as Corning and the Pittsburgh Glass Center. Demetra and Dean each create their own individual work as well as collaborative sculpture, and an image of one of their collaborative pieces is shown below. To learn more about Demetra and her work please check out, and to learn about Dean take a look at

In addition to her artistic career, Demetra currently serves as President of our sister group, the Glass Alliance of Northern California, and was recently named President-elect of our affiliated national organization, the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass. To reserve your spot please respond by return email to the mail that went out to all members.

Demetra Theofanous - Dean Bensen
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