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Xandra Bremers Presentation

Monday, February 27, 2017 7:30 PM Scottsdale Ranch Clubhouse 10585 N. 100th St. Scottdale, AZ

On Monday evening, Arizona Glass Alliance will very proudly welcome Xandra Bremers to Arizona. Xandra will be traveling here from her native Holland especially to make this presentation, and we’re very happy to have the opportunity to host her. Xandra works in pate de verre, often in combination with a wide variety of other materials such as latex, wool and even sugar, to create figurative pieces that exhibit a feeling of fragility, even appearing torn or ready to fall apart. Through her work Xandra is able to comment on fundamental issues of death and aggression, while also including compassion and care. More recently Xandra has been creating large scale installations addressing the role of the artist in the appearance of art. An image of a recent installation is shown below.


Xandra’s work has been shown in museum exhibitions in European countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and Germany. In addition, Xandra was one of two artists whose work was selected to represent the Netherlands at the 2016 European Glass Context, which is a European event similar to the US Glass Art Society annual event. Xandra’s work has also been featured in the 2012, 2013 and 2015 issues of “New Glass Review” published by Corning. To learn more about Xandra and see more of her work take a look at her website, In case you’re wondering, Xandra is Peter Bremers sister (you’ll remember Peter gave us a wonderful presentation earlier this season).



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