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Stephan Cox Presentation

Sunday, March 5, 2023

7:00 PM

Scottsdale Ranch Clubhouse

10585 N. 100th Street

Scottsdale, AZ

On Sunday evening, March 5, Arizona Glass Alliance will very proudly host a presentation by the well known glass sculptor Stephan Cox. Stephan has been working in glass since 1979 and his complex, abstract, contemporary sculpture can be found in major collections around the world. Stephan’s most recent series of mythical men and beasts are outlandish, fantastical, strange and rare, but at the same time, fun.

Stephan says this about his work: “I strive to make interesting and seductive objects, turning to trusty aesthetic building blocks of color, form, texture and light to achieve a compelling frozen moment. The figures, my men and beasts, my waking fever dreams, are suggestive rather than strictly narrative, evoking many ingredients of life—melancholy, euphoria, love, hate, beauty, sex, violence, fear, confusion, chaos, and calm.”

An image of one of Stephan’s recent sculptures is shown below, and to see more of his beautiful work take a look at his website, You won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet this unique glass artist and get to know him and his work.

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