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Sibylle Peretti Presentation

Monday, March 15, 2021 7:00 PM MST (Phoenix time) Online via Zoom

On Monday evening, Arizona Glass Alliance will proudly host a Zoom presentation by the very interesting and well-known glass artist Sibylle Peretti. Sibylle is internationally recognized for both her kiln formed and engraved wall panels and kiln cast sculptures, which explore emotions, memories, possibility and beauty. With a rich background of learning the craft in her native Germany Sibylle has enjoyed residencies at Corning, Wheaton and the Museum of Glass and has taught all over the world including stints at Corning, Pilchuck, Penland and the Rhode Island School of Design. Her wonderful work can be found in museums worldwide including the Corning, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Shanghai Museum of Glass.

Sibylle describes her work this way: “In my work I explore the lack of harmony between human beings, nature, and our inability of achieving a unity with the natural world. I strive to uncover hidden worlds in which harmony can exist and heal. Children, who represent vulnerability are placed in a diaphanous universe of potential solutions and revived through a new and intimate, perhaps mystical reconnection to nature. While my work hovers between subjects of scientific curiosity, fairy tales and dreams, I use images of children to open our eyes to a mysterious sensibility we may have lost. My children-protagonists are immaculate in their innocence, transmitting a savage view of our own isolation. I examine the child’s identity in a world of adverse layers. The overlay and containment of irreconcilable natures—of disease and beauty, of intimacy and of distance and of innocence and knowledge—have typified the search I have found most important in my work.”

An image of a major wall piece made up of 48 panels is shown below, and to learn more about Sibylle and see more of her work please visit her website,

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