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Oben Albright Presentation

Monday, February 1, 2021 7:00 PM MST (Arizona time) Virtual Presentation via Zoom

On Feb. 1, Arizona Glass Alliance in partnership with Austin Art Projects, will very proudly host a virtual presentation by the well known glass sculptor Oben Abright. Oben, who is the son of distinguished artist parents, is widely known and recognized as one of the real master glass sculptors using the blow molded technique. His very realistic figures which are often based on actual people whom he knows or has met along the way can often have a haunting and lasting effect on the viewer and combine technical prowess with sensitive interpretation. Many of Oben’s subjects have been either street people or people he has met on his travels to Asia, such as the two boys in the piece shown below.

Oben’s work can be found in major collections around the country as well as museum collections such as the Crocker, Palm Springs and Imagine Museums. This event is being co-sponsored by Austin Projects of Palm Springs, who will be mounting an exhibition of Oben’s new work which is scheduled to open in March. We thank David Austin of Austin Art Projects for his help and cooperation in arranging this event. To learn more about Oben and see images of more of his work take a look at his website,, or the Austin Art Projects website,

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