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Morgan Gilbreath Presentation

March 14, 2016 7:30 PM Stonegate Clubhouse

On Monday evening, March 14, Arizona Glass Alliance will proudly host a presentation by an exciting young mixed media artist, Morgan Gilbreath. Morgan, who incorporates glass into much of her work, describes herself as a glass and mixed media conceptual artist whose work deal with concepts of religion, labor and urban life. Morgan has held teaching assistantship positions around the country, including Haystack in Maine, Pilchuck and the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She most recently has just returned from a stint setting up a new glass studio in Dubai. Morgan’s work has been shown in galleries around the country, including our own Step Gallery at ASU this past year, and Morgan has just received a prestigious residency at the Creative Glass Center of America at Wheaton Village (NJ).

Morgan describes her work this way “An artist’s gestures and intentions can transfigure anything into a work of art. Through the accumulation of peripheral objects and the multiplication of inconsequential and arbitrary actions, I create large sculptures and installations in order to reveal the spiritual and ceremonial nature of production and consumption in everyday life.” An example of Morgan’s mixed media work is shown below, and for more information about Morgan please visit her website,

You won’t want to miss the chance to get to know this very interesting, and groundbreaking, young artist.

Morgan Gilbreath
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