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Susan Taylor Glasgow Presentation

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 7:30 PM Scottsdale Ranch Clubhouse 10585 N. 100th Street Scottsdale, AZ


Susan describes how she got to glass this way: “My Mother was a complicated woman. Raising we girls by the Book of Conflicting Messages, my Mother lovingly shaped me into ask questions later act like a lady you can do anything but learn to type first boys only want one thing but don’t say what it is do it right or don’t do it all fall in love but have something to fall back on artist. Oh, and learn to cook and sew. Somehow, as a result, I embraced domesticity in feminine spirit but not in action. Misguided domestic talents eventually grew into concepts of sewing and unyielding medium, baking inedible creations, and stitching glass clothing no one can wear. My life and art are the result of homemaking skills gone awry. I have the luxury of exploring the complexities of domestic life from the safe distance of my studio.”

Using her very real skills as a seamstress, Susan stitches together her wonderful creations, which are all about “femininity”, whether that’s a cake, a bra, a wearable chandelier, or many other fabulous glass and stitching confections Susan, who has been a prestigious Wheaton Fellow, is represented in museums such as the Chrysler and Carnegie, and is represented by Habatat gallery. Images of two of Susan’s current works are shown below, and for more info take a look at her website, The chandelier is a joint work with Janis Miltenberger.


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