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John Tuomisto-Bell Live Bronze Pour

November 19, 2016 1:30 PM Tuomisto Bell Studio Foundry 4013 E. Cambridge Avenue Phoenix Arizona

On Saturday, November 19, Phoenix sculptor and foundry owner John Tuomisto-Bell will host members of Arizona Glass Alliance to a very special afternoon, starting with an in person pouring of an actual sculpture, followed by a presentation by John about his work as a sculptor. John, who graduated from ASU in 1991 with a degree in sculpture, operates a full service bronze casting foundry as well as working studio at 4013 E. Cambridge Avenue in Phoenix, which is where the event will be held, and where John casts work both for himself and other sculptors from around the country. John is also currently an MFA candidate at ASU with his master’s show scheduled for April, 2017.

John, who has received several awards and whose work is in a number of southwest museums, describes his own sculpture this way: “I am involved in an ongoing investigation of the difference between individuals and collective society. I portray figures with little detail, emphasizing instead the commonalities they share. Featureless masses that follow rather than lead. My elongated figures stand with arms at their sides in blithe acceptance; line up for battle in ambiguous detachment; and huddle in featureless masses in a state of blank observation. While many of my works reveal a moment of spiritual revelation, physical ecstasy, or personal contemplation, they ultimately represent the violent nature of humankind.” An image of one of John’s recent sculptures is shown below, and for more information take a look at his website,

This unique event is sure to be popular with our members, so get your email reservation in early to assure your spot for what promises to be a most interesting afternoon.

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