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Deanna Clayton Presentation

Wednesday, January 6, 2021 7:00 PM MST (Phoenix Time) via Zoom online

On Wednesday evening, January 6, Arizona Glass Alliance, in partnership with the Duncan McClellan Gallery, will proudly present a live virtual presentation by the very well respected pate de verre glass artist Deanna Clayton. Deanna is recognized as a master of pate de verre technique, which is one of the oldest types of glass and translated means “paste of glass”. In Deanna’s skilled hands pate de verre has a unique rough, yet delicate appearance, fragile but strong at the same time.

Deanna originally hails from Bucks County, Pennsylvania and now lives and works in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, where you can visit her in the summer. Of course, you can see Deanna’s work at the Duncan McClellan Gallery all year round.

Deanna has always been known for her distinctive vessel forms, and more recently she has expanded into human bust figures as well (an image of one of her human figures, with one of her vessels in the background, is below). As Deanna says about this work: “The inspiration for this new body of work is a true love of the life inherent in the glass itself. To create a face in glass is a self-evident evocation of the material’s life quality. Creating abstracted forms in glass that become believable as life is what is truly inspiring. This is what continues my quest to experiment and explore glass and its capabilities as an art form.” To learn more about Deanna take a look at her website,, or the Duncan McClellan Gallery website,

You will find Deanna to be very interesting both as a person and as an artist, and we’re happy to have her presenting to our group.

Deanna Clayton
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