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Craig Mitchell Smith Presentation

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Monday, January 30, 2023 7:00 PM

Scottsdale Ranch Clubhouse

10585 N. 100th Street

Scottsdale, AZ

On Monday evening, January 30, Arizona Glass Alliance, in partnership with Warren Norgaard’s Milkweed Studio, will host a presentation by the well known glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith. Craig is especially recognized for his wonderful floral sculptures and does installations all around the country.

As Craig says: “I love glass for its metaphors of the human condition. At its best, it is colorful and transparent, brittle when cold and malleable when warm, stronger than it looks, enduring the ages if treated with care and respect. Isidora Duncan, when asked what her dance meant said, “If I could tell you what I mean, I wouldn’t have to dance.” I never set out to make something beautiful or meaningfull, My work is a response to beauty or meaning. I work in glass to tell you what I mean. I prefer to have my glass speak for itself.”

An image of one of Craig’s wonderful flowers is shown below, and for more info on Craig please take a look at his website,

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