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Charles Shepard Presentation

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 7:00 PM MST (Phoenix time) Zoom Online

On November 18, Arizona Glass Alliance will very proudly host a presentation by Charles Shepard, President and CEO of the Ft. Wayne Museum of Art. Charles came to the museum as Executive Director in 2003, and was subsequently promoted to President and CEO. Prior to Ft. Wayne Charles was founding director of the University of Maine Museum of Art, and then founding director of the Kennedy Museum of American Art at Ohio University.

Since coming to Ft. Wayne Charles has lead the museum in a period of dynamic growth and expansion. In particular, Charles has been the driving forces behind the museum’s growing focus on art made from glass as one of its areas of emphasis and investment. The result has been a high quality, expanding collection of studio glass art. To learn more about the museum please visit their website,

Charles will share his fascinating story of how he is leading the development, the innovative ways in which he is engaging both the public and the museum staff and leadership, and his plans for the future. You will find Charles to be a highly interesting and entertaining speaker whom you’ll enjoy getting to know both as an individual as well as a professional.

Fort Wayne Museum of Art American Brilliant Cut Glass

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