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Cassandra Straubing Presentation

January 3, 2017 7:30 PM Scottsdale Ranch Clubhouse 10585 N. 100th St. Scottsdale, AZ

Arizona Glass Alliance is hosting a presentation by the noted cast glass artist Cassandra Straubing.  Please note this is a change from the original schedule of January 2. Cassandra, who is head of the glass sculpture faculty at San Jose State University, is an artist who is receiving increasing recognition for her iconic sculptures. Her work was represented in the recent Habatat Galleries International exhibition and has been exhibited at several California museums.

Cassandra, who is known for her cast glass sculptures of empty shirts, says of her work: “Clothing, used as a skin to cover the vulnerable and fragile body, is rendered transparent in glass. The viewer can see through the superficial definitions of gender and status to a personal truth without the exterior façade society so readily judges. To me, glass displays ghostly reminiscences, representing a personal history or memory left behind. It can also portray a lack of memory, representing the invisibility of an uncomfortable emotion. Glass becomes a window for the viewer to explore what might otherwise never be seen.”

You can see more of Cassandra’s work at the Habatat Galleries website,, under the “artist” tab.

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