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"Stories Reimagined" at Philabaum Glass Gallery

Opening Reception February 4 2023 4 PM - 6 PM

Meet the Artists 5:00 PM

Exhibition on display until June, 2023

Philabaum Glass Gallery

711 South 6th Ave.

Tucson, AZ 85701

Sandy Pendleton, one of our member artists, is one of four artists whose work is showcased. Congratulations to Sandy and Philabaum!

Sandy Pendleton

Kiln-formed Glass

Story Basket Series

As a long time resident of the Southwest, I have always appreciated the traditions and color palette of native people. As a contemporary glass artist, I never thought those influences would manifest themselves in my work, but here they are in the “Story Basket” series. As I continue exploring this concept, my color palette has evolved beyond the traditional warm tones to include vivid blues, soft grays and bright golds.

So what is the story? I have always been interested in the mind’s ability to translate random patterns and colors into something meaningful. If you have ever watched the sky on a summer day, you may have imagined shapes and images in the clouds. The Story Baskets are like that for me. My imagination creates images and stories from the patterns in the baskets. I soon realized that others do not see the same images in the patterns that I see. We all bring our own stories. It is always fascinating to learn what stories other viewers bring to the pieces. It begs the questions “What do you see?, What is going on here?”

The focal point of my glass "baskets" is created by layering glass pieces together and melting them into a slab. When the slab is sliced, it reveals patterns created by the movement of the glass. No two are alike. Once the center element is ready, I use a combination of transparent and opaque glass to add depth and help me to achieve the impression of a woven basket.

"What if I kiss that frog?"

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