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Anna Mlasowsky Presentation

Monday, March 21, 2022 7:00 PM Zoom Presentation

On Monday evening, Arizona Glass Alliance will proudly host a Zoom presentation by the boundary pushing, internationally recognized artist Anna Mlasowsky. Anna combines her interests in science and culture with the exploration of glass and other materials into a wide range of creative work including traditional glass techniques, performance and video. Her work has been shown at museums and exhibitions across the United States, Europe and Japan, and she has taught at such diverse places as Pilchuck, the Pittsburgh Glass Institute, Germany and Estonia. Anna’s work as also been featured in American Craft Magazine and she is presently the Beckman Fellow at the Science History Institute in Philadelphia.

Anna says this about herself and her work: “I was born in a country that no longer exists. Growing up in East Germany I experienced the collapse of a value system and the struggle of its citizens to adapt. I grew up in a country that, although reunited, still has an invisible border. I grew up in houses that were falling apart due to neglect and war damage. As soon as I finished school, I left and have lived abroad ever since. While Germany has transformed since my departure, I have transformed as well and today I reside in a place of un-belonging trapped between cultures, languages and the emotional conflicts within.

I have been a foreigner all my adult life, not only geographically and culturally, but also emotionally and bodily as a pan-sexual women with borderline personality disorder. This is the basis for my interest in the temporary and a material that occupies a pluralistic space. As physical substance glass exists across a spectrum of physical states. It can be experienced as solid, fluid, transparent, unyieldingly hard yet precariously fragile. It does not crystallize when it solidifies and as a supercooled liquid forever occupies a state of fluid uncertainty. As a material that continuously oscillates between physical extremes, it functions as an extension of my own self and the desire for a fluid human environment, and the hope for a society in which a multiplicity of realities can be accepted.”

An image of one of Anna’s “Hand Made” pieces is shown below, including images of her making the piece, and to learn more about Anna and her work take a look at her website,


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